Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Envision purple hyacinths and bluebells surrounded by a goldish/yellowish border. If wildflowers grow on your land and they tend to blend in with the grass and foliage that surrounds them, use brick pavers and glitter paint to create an interesting outline for the natural beauties.

Address Drainage Issues and Tend to the Grass

Fired clay brick pavers are permeable, meaning that rainwater will not seep through them and will accumulate alongside them. For this reason, you should assess your property's drainage capabilities and make changes if needed. If puddling in your yard seems to be common after heavy rainfall, use topsoil to fill in holes or add a layer of crushed gravel to areas that tend to get muddy.

There are a couple ways that you can prepare the land for the new border. If dense clumps of grass are surrounding the flowers, either use a grass trimmer/edger to remove overgrowth or use a grass herbicide to kill the blades. If you choose to eliminate most of the grass, white pebbles or a light-colored gravel variety can be used to cover the bare spots. 

Buy and Paint Pavers

Red may come to mind when you think of the word brick, but pavers possess various color tones and you will be able to acquire some that are a muted color so that the yellow paint and glitter will conceal the original color in entirety. After selecting the pavers, schedule a delivery of the landscaping materials, if you prefer to alleviate yourself of the lifting and transporting duties.

Purchase a gallon or two of exterior paint. Look for paint that is yellow and that possesses a shimmery quality. If you want the pavers to appear to be sparkling, similar to shiny gold bars that you might see in a fantasy movie, add some glitter to the paint. Silver or gold glitter can be purchased from a craft store. Pour the glitter directly into the gallons of paint and stir the contents so that the glitter is dispersed throughout the product. Use a paintbrush or a roller to apply a couple coats of paint to each side of each paver.

Leave the pavers on top of a tarp while you are waiting for the paint to dry. Line the pavers up around the purple and blue flowers and press them into the ground. If you have extra pavers and would like to create a walking path that leads to the flower display, line the pavers up across your yard and stabilize them with the same method you used when constructing the border.

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