3 Tips For Getting A Beautiful-Looking Lawn This Summer

If you want to have a great-looking lawn, now is the time to get out there and start taking care of your yard. A great-looking yard doesn't happen overnight; it requires a long-term care plan in order for your yard to thrive.

Space Out Fertilizing

If you want your yard to look great, you are going to need to fertilize your yard. However, you don't want to fertilize your yard all at once. You need to make sure you space it out. With your yard, you are going to want to fertilize your yard every six to eight weeks.

Some people like to use the summer holidays as a reminder to fertilizer their yards, applying fertilizer on Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend, and Labor Day weekend. You don't have to use this specific schedule, but it is a good one, as it spaces out the fertilization of your yard throughout mid-spring, early summer, and late summer.

Create a schedule you can stick to and apply fertilizer at least three times throughout the spring and summer to your yard. This will allow your yard to thrive, without overdoing it and harming your yard with the application of fertilizer.

Use a Slow-Release Fertilizer

Second, when choosing a fertilizer, be sure to choose a slow-release fertilizer. A slow-release fertilizer is designed to release over time so that the fertilizer provides long-term benefits to your yard.

It can take a little longer for you to see the initial results when you use a slow-release fertilizer on your yard for the first time. However, using a slow-release fertilizer at least three times throughout the spring and summer months should help keep your yard looking great all spring and summer long.

Water Your Lawn Before Fertilizing

In order to get your yard prepared to accept the fertilizer, two or three days before you plan on fertilizing your yard, give it a nice long watering. Water at a low rate over a long period of time. This will allow the water to really soak deep into the ground, down to the roots of your grass. Watering ahead of time will help get the soil soft and ready for the lawn fertilizer.

Apply the fertilizer, and then wait a few days to water your lawn again. This will allow the fertilizer to naturally soak into the soil.

If you want to have a great-looking yard, apply a slow-release fertilizer at least three times throughout the spring and summer. Be sure to water your yard a few days before applying the fertilizer to help with the absorption of the fertilizer.

Always wear gloves and goggles when working with fertilizer, and wash all of your equipment and yourself after you are done applying the fertilizer to your yard.

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