Benefits Of Adding A Fire Pit Beside Your Swimming Pool

When many people add fire pits to their backyards, they do so adjacent to their patios. This isn't the only placement option to consider, however. If you have an in-ground swimming pool, it can be advantageous to situate your new fire pit close to the pool. The layout of your yard may influence exactly where you place the pit in relation to the pool, but having the pit in close proximity may be a decision that you and your family appreciate countless times in the years ahead. Here are some benefits of adding a fire pit next to your swimming pool.

A Source Of Heat

Staying warm while swimming may not be an issue on a sunny day in July, but it can definitely be a challenge when you're taking a dip early or late in the season. Even if the water is warm, the part of your body that is above the water can feel cool — especially if there's a breeze. Adding a fire pit close to your swimming pool will provide a welcome source of heat. You'll enjoy the warmth that the fire pit puts out, especially when you're close to it.

A Source Of Light

Similarly, a fire pit near your in-ground swimming pool can also provide a valuable source of light for evening swims. When you're swimming at night, you might not want to do so completely in the dark. At the same time, you might not want to turn a porch light on because of the way that it can attract moths and other insects. With a nearby fire pit, you can light a fire and enjoy the way that it casts a glow across the pool — making it easier and safer for you and your family to swim.

A Pleasant Ambiance

One of the best things about adding a fire pit to your yard is that it can create a pleasant ambiance. Regardless of the design or even the size of the structure, you'll appreciate the look of a fire burning, as well as the sound of the wood crackling and the gentle smell of smoke in the air. You can enjoy each of these things while you swim, especially at night when the fire is more visible. There's little doubt that adding a fire pit can improve the ambiance you're trying to create in your backyard. Speak to an outdoor fire pit contractor to learn more.

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