Advantages Of A Narrow Tow Behind Aerator

If you have a large property and you're the type of person who takes pride in having everything look pristine, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your lawn looks its best. One task is to aerate the lawn regularly. Instead of attempting to do so by hand, it's better to use equipment that can make the work easier and quicker. A good solution is a tow behind aerator, which you can pull with your lawn tractor or a utility vehicle. Tow behind aerators vary in design and size, so you'll need to decide what works best. Some of these devices are narrow, while others are wide. Here are some reasons to buy a narrow aerator.

Less Risk Of Collisions

You'll likely find that it's a lot easier to safely pull a narrow aerator behind your vehicle than a wide one, particularly if you don't have experience with pulling attachments of this type. If you choose a wide aerator, it can be easy to forget just how wide it is. This means that you might accidentally drive too close to a tree or the corner of your house, causing the aerator to bump into either of these things and become damaged. A narrow aerator doesn't stick out nearly as far, meaning there will be less risk of a collision.

Tight Turns

Regardless of the size and shape of your yard, you'll need to turn around numerous times as you're aerating the lawn. If you have a tow behind aerator that is wide, this will mean that your turning radius will also need to be wide. In tight areas, you may find that maneuvering your vehicle and the aerator is challenging. When you have a narrow tow behind aerator, however, you'll appreciate how you're able to turn sharply in confined areas — for example, a space between the fence and a tree. This will make the job easier for you.

Better Storage

You'll likely only use your tow behind aerator a few times a year, which means that it will spend a lot of time stored in your garage or shed. The wider the aerator, the more space it will take up wherever you store it. With a narrow device, it's much easier to store the aerator without creating too much bulk in your garage or shed. Learn more about tow behind aerators at an agricultural equipment supplier.

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